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7 Ways of Content Marketing Strategy for Your Construction Company

The importance of content marketing is rising with each passing day and the first few construction companies that learn the details and specialize in content marketing will soon outrun other competitors.

To understand why content marketing is becoming much more effective than traditional marketing which is marketing through advertisement, you need to know that in the past years the number of devices that use advertisement blockers is skyrocketing. More than half of a billion devices are using it, meaning that10% of internet users are blocking advertisements and the number keeps on growing.

The more advertisement gets blocked the harder it is for your construction company to find the right clients. There is still an answer to avoid customer loss for your construction company and that is content marketing.

Content marketing is not just about promoting an article website or a blog to increase the number of leads but it can also be used to promote your company. It is surprising to say that using content marketing for your construction company can increase the percentage of leads by 55% more than using any traditional form of marketing.

If you want to master content marketing for your construction business then follow these 7 easy instructions on how to generate more clients by using this marketing strategy.

In the Following Guide You Will Learn Content Marketing:

  • How to expose your construction company to a much bigger audience
  • Increase the trust with customers by lead development
  • How to expand your construction company’s organic search
  • Strengthen your construction company’s identity as a key analysis
  • How to boost leads by providing content for your construction business
  • Where to share your content to increase leads
  • Why updating your construction company’s website content is important
  • How a smaller investment can generate more profit

Why is Content Marketing Important for Construction Company?

Importance of Content marketing

By uploading quality content for your construction business’s website you will eventually build a relationship with the audience and also make them more interested in the services that your construction company provides.

By understanding the importance of content marketing you realize the benefits it can provide you with when it comes to generating more leads. By uploading quality content for your construction company’s site you can show the audience what problems you can fix that they might have.

Providing your audience with content will be able to assist your company’s website with more traffic and inform your audience for any questions they might have in terms of construction and how your company will be able to help them.

Content marketing is more desirable for the audience to connect with your construction business because people tend to find it easier and more interesting to learn about your company through reading. 70% of the audience tends to be more interested in your business if they read your content. Trying to engage with an audience by other forms such as pop-up advertisements might not catch the audience’s eye properly due to lack of interest for that moment that the ad pops up.

If you do not know where to start or what to write about to make your content high quality to attract customers for your construction business, you can hire someone specialized in content marketing or hire a content marketing agency. Hiring a professional might mean more investment in this kind of strategy but the result will surely give you more profit.

Here we provide you with 7 ways how you can increase the interest of the audience and attract them by using content marketing for your construction company.

Expose Your Construction Company to a Much Bigger Audience:

The only way to expose your construction company is to release content that is filled with useful and easy-to-read information to the audience you are trying to target. By releasing useful content on your company’s website you attract interested customers. The more you create trust with the customer through your content the more they will tend to share your content.

Content sharing is a big plus for your construction company because it increases traffic on your website. The best part of your content being shared is that you do not have to invest in it.

If you eventually improve your content posting frequency and make if more localized (for a specific region) then there will most likely be a 50% boost in engagement with the targeted audience.

Increase the Trust with Customers by Lead Development:

increase trust worthy

The only way you can build strong trust with the customer is by nurturing leads. The more your construction company will excel at lead nurturing the fewer investments you have to make to win customers.

This strategy is used by many know brands and companies out there that are booming with customers. Companies like Apple, Adidas, Costco, Ikea, etc. win the trust of customers to the extent that their customers are ready to make big payments to have the services the company provides.

To be realistic the only way these companies have created permanent customers is by making a large investment in different marketing strategies and mostly prioritizing content marketing by frequently uploading the best quality and interesting content out there.

The friendlier the content is and the easier it is to read the more audience it will attract. The more you nurture leads with the campaigns the customers want the more likely it is that they will be loyal by sticking with your construction company for a long time and making much bigger purchases.

The way to nurture leads is by making personalized content for your targeted audience. This makes the customer more interested in your construction services making your content gets shared, thus increasing traffic on your website. Increased traffic means more engagement with interested potential customers.

The bigger the engagement the more your construction company gets noticed so there will be more customers paying for the services you provide.

Expand Your Construction Company’s Organic Search:

how to increase organic search traffic

Comparing other businesses with your construction business might make you realize that you could be a little bit behind or smaller than them. This does not mean that you do not have a chance to be a strong competitor.

Expanding your organic search visibility is all about content marketing. Creating content and making it look all neat will most likely not rank your content up.

Instead of focusing on writing content based on the good appearance, you should focus on writing content filled with keywords that best describe the construction services you provide.

Include keywords such as porch pavement, wall foundation repair, gutter cleaning, or whatever services your construction company provides. Try to add 5-7 keywords per every 500 words of content. This is a very important step because the keywords are what rank your content and make it more visible on any search engine.

Another thing you should consider when writing content is to make sure it is as engaging as possible. The audience should relate to what you are trying to provide them with. This will also boost organic search visibility.

Strengthen Your Construction Company’s Identity As a Key Analysis:

Build Company’s Identity

Gaining leads and creating good content for people to see will eventually strengthen your construction company’s identity. But it does not take just some good content to strengthen your company’s identity.

You might have seen other websites or new companies out there give something of value to their potential audience for no cost at all. Things like free e-books, posters, coupons, etc. This strategy builds up more trust for your audience.

A good idea to boost your company’s name is by providing free valuable items for your potential customers. You can provide a “how-to” e-book that talks about the services you are providing.

Providing first-time customers with discounts is a good idea to build trust with them also. Giving something valuable that can benefit your targeted audience will always generate more leads to your company’s website.

Another thing that will strengthen your company’s name is releasing content often. By doing this, viewers see your content more often circulating. This gets your construction company more noticeable and makes it more familiar, increasing the number of viewers purchasing your service.

Where to Share Your Content to Increase Leads:

How to Increase Leads

Audiences with different interests stay in different places. Sharing your construction services on Snapchat, for example, might not be that good of an idea. Because the audience is mostly teenagers and young people.

That means that the audience might not have that much interest in knowing what services your construction company provides. But another company that sells skateboards can profit out of sharing their content on Snapchat. Because the item they are selling interests an audience with that age range.

To increase leads for your construction company, share your content somewhere where you can target an audience. An audience that needs a repair or a service that you can provide. Before deciding where to share content you got to know all the options where you can share it. Options like Facebook, Linkedin, a blog, or Snapchat.

A construction company targets more people that tend to be older. The best place where you can find potential customers are on the internet. That means sharing your content on a personal website/ blog can be the best solution.

The Importance of Updating Your Construction Company’s Website Through Content Marketing:

how to update website

Updating content constantly is key for your content marketing strategy to work. You should keep in mind that if you don’t upload fresh content then your construction website won’t rank high on Google.

Google Search engines give your content a score based on several factors such as:

  • How often does your content get updated
  • What changes are made to the core context of your content
  • The rate of inbound link growth
  • Traffic metrics
  • How long ago was the content created

By creating fresh content and adding links to the old content of your website, Google engines rank up your content.

How a Smaller Investment in Content Marketing Can Generate More Profit:

How to Generate More Profit

Content marketing has been reported to generate 3x more leads than by using the traditional marketing strategy or outbound marketing. Not only content (inbound) marketing can generate more profit, it also costs 60% less than outbound marketing.

This means that for half of the price you can get triple the leads. The other benefit of content marketing is that it is longer lasting. Traditional marketing ends when you no longer pay for it.

Another important content marketing strategy is e-mailing. E-mail campaigns that are highly targeted can boost up to 800% more revenue than normal e-mailing. Knowing the right audience to target,  and the right time to share your e-mail is crucial. This can bring your construction company to the top of the list.

Final Thought About Content Marketing for the Construction Industry:

You want your construction business to have more leads interested in your construction company. Content marketing is the best strategy for you. This kind of marketing is long-term and generates continuous traffic on your website.

The competition is rough with other competitors providing more content and investing in their construction companies. That does not mean that you cannot start. Your content quality must be reliable and filled with information about construction services. Then you have a very high chance to outrun any other competitor in the market.

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