Basic Fundamentals of Content Marketing

7 Content Marketing Strategy For Construction Companies

Content marketing is like an ocean, always changing and developing. On one hand, this is a great thing that provides us with new values and techniques. But on the other hand, this is a terrible thing, specifically when companies are looking for ‘quick results’ hacks that never work. That is why you need to learn some content marketing basics strategies in order to not go stray, while the way up with your construction company.

A new hack always sounds like the future of content marketing for the construction business, but you know what they say: Easy come, easy go. You have a lot of people out there right now, promoting fishy services, claiming to have found the key to simple, fast, and organic traffic. Please, for the good sake of your construction business, remember this thing. You cannot grow an apple in one day and then claim it’s organic. It’s going to be full of chemicals and stimulants.

I can hear some of you attacking me in their minds right now, maybe claiming that they have bought in these programs and they’re working great. Wait. Just wait a little bit more and you will start to see the blood on the walls. See, the thing about these hacks is that initially, they seem great. Your construction company’s site is getting a lot of traffic. You can see conversions without understanding where they come from, (they probably tell you that’s their secret). And you seem to have forgotten everything about content marketing basics fundamentals.

Then after some months, your content marketers fail to prove any value to your construction business. You see new visitors coming to see your site but they don’t convert. Your business partners have started to doubt whether hiring that marketing team was a good idea. And the engagement on your website is very poor. These are all symptoms pointing to the disease. You have forgotten or you don’t know in the first place about basics content marketing strategy.

Know Your Goals

How to Know Your Goals

It is not like you use content marketing for fun, just to create a market content. One of the main reasons why a content marketing strategy is used in your construction business is to know the objectives that your business has. You cannot be moving around without having clear and cut objectives about what your business does. That’s what most of the amateurs do and it never works.

One of the very first things that you should have in mind is what are the goals that you aim to improve and achieve in your construction company. Are you looking to improve your customer service to give your clients a better experience? Maybe you need to work on marketing optimization and revenue generation. Or maybe your business is not doing so well in operational efficiency.

Once you have identified your company’s objectives than you need to start moving rocks around to make them a reality. This is the number one in the checklist of content marketing strategies for Construction companies. Knowing your goals is going to make you go on top.

Get Your Budget Together

Content Marketing Fundamentals

You should make a plan and I am not only about making a cute presentation on PowerPoint. Sure a nice mock will look good but you need to invest in a program that is actually going to give results. And what do I mean by results? I mean dollars and cents. You need to see actual results show up on your site. Then and only then you can say that you have found a good program.

So my advice would be to keep experimenting, meaning that you should try different things before you throw your entire content marketing budget somewhere. You need to analyze and see what really works and what doesn’t. Once you have found your strategy then you can start really using your budget. I would advise a couple of things that maybe you can try to do.

Start by seeing how much budget you think it’s enough for your content marketing. After that, you can continue to spend only a little only to see which thing works and which doesn’t. Once you think you think that you found the right thing for your construction business you can put your budget on it and really put it to work.

Find Your Audience’s Problems and Solve Them.

How to solve audience problem

This is a tricky one. You need to find what keeps your audience up at night and the same should keep you up at night. You need to find their pain points and that is extremely important. What problem do your customers have and how can you fix that problem. If you are able to find that out than most definitely your construction business with thrive. You will be able to make more money than ever before.

This must be a basis for your content marketing team. You must know really well who your customer is and what you can do for them. Why is your construction company any better than the other construction companies out there. What do you have so special that others don’t?

These are questions that you ask yourself if you want the website of your business to be successful. And you must have an answer to these questions. You must definitely know what are the pain points in your average customer and how you can tap them in order for the customer than to ask for your services.

Write Down Your Content Marketing Strategy For Construction Companies 

How to Content Marketing Strategy

One of the main things that you should have is a content marketing strategy. We cannot even begin to talk about content marketing without first having in mind a content marketing strategy. The latter must be a priority and it is more than crucial for the health of your construction company’s website. You must have a clear and concise strategy to aim it in the right place of your business and know what can you improve and do better.

Having a content marketing strategy in your head is not enough. You must also have the strategy written down. This is the only way that you can map out everything and see what’s missing. They say that things are better remembered when you write them down. So having your strategy on paper is going to make sure that you have a good and solid content marketing strategy.

It takes a lot of time and effort to have a great content marketing strategy. All I can say is that writing down your content marketing strategy is the only way for you to be clear. So take a pen and paper and have your plan clearly thought out.

Implement the Right Metrics

How to know your business Metrics

Another key point in your content marketing plan is the metrics that you are going to use. You cannot just let them float randomly without having them set out at the beginning of the plan. Let me tell you why. If you want to avoid having weird and guilty conversations with your business partners, have your metrics mapped out. You want to know which metrics are the ones good for your construction company.

The metrics you will use should be identifiable within the content marketing strategy that you will follow. Are you going to focus on inbound traffic and social promotion only? Of course not. Because this is going to cause vague results in your content marketing strategy. If you don’t set up the right metrics at the beginning of it all, then by the end you are going to end up making panicked decisions that will only damage your business further.

Metrics are fundamental in a content marketing strategy. They make sure that you are aiming at the right thing and that the right department is taking on the right tasks. Metrics are like a compass that guides your marketing ship.

Identify The Distribution Channels that Your Audience Use

How to Identify your audience

Make way for the ones that are trying to reach you. You must make sure that your audience finds your website in the easiest way possible. This being said, you must study what kinds of communication methods does your audience use. Is it social media? Maybe email works best and you should boost up the email subscription on your website. You never know what might really work unless you are dedicated enough to do the research.

Don’t be just like 99 percent of the construction websites out there that just put an email subscription service and a phone number. There are many, many ways to connect your content to your audience. Your job is to find what it is. Which distribution channel do most of the audience use? Because if they prefer social media more, then you should make social media-friendly content.

Don’t just be comfortable with the new, just because it is new. Study and make sure that you have everything mapped out. If they love to have physical newspapers, then print some out. Where is your audience already going to solve their problems? If you can answer that then you know for sure what to work on.

Focus On Your Audience

How to Focus Your Audience

Let me tell you something. Your content must be only about your audience, not you, and not the company. One of the biggest mistakes that construction companies still do today, is that they focus their content on themselves. And I get it. You want to talk about who you are and what your company does. And that is great. There is nothing wrong with trying to represent. But just don’t make that the aim of your content. Talk to your audience.

If your content should only be about you, then what is the point of having an audience at all? It is the same as if a performer talks only with himself and doesn’t speak to the public at all. Then what’s the point of being on the stage. Focus on your audience and make it your purpose to ask questions, allowing them to comment on your articles.

This is very crucial for the well being of your website. Your audience is going to connect and relate to you, thus feeling as if you can help them. This is going to give them a reason for picking up that phone and calling your company.

To Sum Up Basic Fundamentals of Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is harder than it looks like but it can be very profitable if you just follow the right advice. Don’t just do things because someone says it works. Do your own research and make sure that you know the basics.

Without the basics then your construction company is going to get lost in the mids of a million other websites that will look just like yours. What is going to make you stand out? Most people that own a website will tell you to start small and figure things out during the way.

But I say to have everything figured out way before you have a business. Because if you don’t and then you stumble on a problem, it is going to be ten times harder for you to get out of trouble. Have a unique website and an original content marketing strategy.

If you want your construction business to be successful then you must be willing to put in the hours of work. Studying the basics of content marketing will either save your construction business or drown it. The choice is always yours and the solution is always out there if you do the research.

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