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5 Steps to Improve Website Speed for a Construction Company

The term website loading speed is referred to as the length of time when the web page is loading. Or any of the media content is being downloaded from any website hosting servers and it is then displayed on the browser of the web.

It is the time duration that takes place between clicking the link and the link is opened on the screen from the page of the web on the browser where it is requested.  This website loading time is very important to improve the construction website as well because it helps the customers to browse the products quickly.

Every business including a construction business as well wants to produce a great user experience, instead of caring about their industry. You cannot pay to overlook the need for website load speed as your customer’s attitude will reflect on it that is dependent upon the construction website loading time.

Why page load time improves construction website:

Website page speed

Here are the reasons why the page load time improves the construction website and is still known to be a big issue than anyone can think. Some of the factors that also affect the speed of the sites are as discussed below:

Page loading time is important to improve your construction website because nowadays the buyers are impatient. It’s as simple as when you are browsing anything and that page is taking too long to open, probably you will face an emotion related to frustration or anger.

And once you are angry because of this, you even don’t want to stay more on that page. This is a human fact.

Instead, you will prefer to open any other website. In the same way when someone else is on your construction website, and when they are searching for your services and products online they are on the same boat and they expect to have a speedy page load.

They do not wait for a slow construction website to open up on either their cell phones or desktop, they want everything quickly. The longer they wait the more interest in your website they lose. this will not make you improve the construction website

A study was made by Google back in 2012, which was about most cell phone users who were happy to wait for the website to load for up to only 5 seconds before closing it and moving to another website. But just think now what would be the possibility?

Your SEO is affected by the speed of the Construction Website Load

Previously Google worked the speed of the site as a ranking signal back in 2010, and it was the same and serves as one of the factors that help to know that what your website shows up in the search result.

The speed of the site reflects how your construction website responds to the request of the web. It is important to have the speed of your construction website.

Not only for the owners of the construction website but to all the users of the internet. The users get happy when the sites are faster. It would leave a bad impact on the users if the speed of the website is slow. If your construction website is fast, it can easily help to improve your SEO to improve your construction website.

Factors that can affect the speed of the website:

Page Speed Fact

Of all the factors that affect the speed of the web page loading. The main factor that affects the speed is the choice to select a template or you can say the theme of a construction website or the custom-designed website.

The cost of this website may be less enough as compared to the cost of a custom-designed construction website, you may see that some more features are built-in into the template websites to the features of the theme that are not integral to improving your construction website.

Also, making a custom website from the start helps to make it clear that the new website is made with all the essential elements. Without any code, your construction website will work faster.

There are a few more things that must be considered that includes:

  • The size of the image
  • Hosting and the delivery networks
  • Sliders.

The Effects of a Slow website on Your construction Business:

Slow website browsing effect poor user experience. If you fail to provide the best user experience then your website will be useless for the customers to browse.

One of the negative impacts of slow page loading is the long-term effect that it will have on the image of your construction business and company.

5 ways to improve your construction website loading speed and its performance:

Improve website loading speed

You should know the importance of the construction website loading time. It is very important when one is browsing something on the internet.

It has been observed that the users want the website to load in either 2 seconds or even less than that duration. If it is not loaded they just switch on to the other construction website.

There is an even more alarming statistic that if 64% of shoppers are dissatisfied with any of the online stores or websites will immediately take their business to another place. It is very essential to improve your construction website making sure their visitors are satisfied with the speed of the loading page.

Nowadays, even seconds make a huge difference. You won’t allow your construction website to be bogged down by any image or file that is unoptimized. Your customers would expect from your website that it will lead the page in no time and they do not have to stick on to one page.

By keeping these things in mind let’s have a look at ways that helps to optimize the construction website that will be good both for you and your customers:

Minimize HTTP requests:

Hypertext transfer protocol that is known as HTTP requests is added when a browser searches a file, picture, or any page from a web server. Yahoo predicted that these requests lean to carry up to 80% of the loading time of the web page.

The browser is also responsible for limiting requests that are in between 4 to 8 connections per domain that including loading 30+ assets only. The more the HTTP requests, the longer it needs to load the construction website page to go and to retrieve all, with more loading time.

How to reduce HTTP requests:

You need to limit the design of your page by making it simple, for that you need many tactics that help to reduce HTTP requests that will help to relieve your browser. Combining CSS/JS files: instead of asking the browser to retrieve many different CSS files or Javascript to get a load.

You must think of merging your CSS files into one single file (that is similar to JS). This can vary from page to page. This can manage to merge and combine together that will help your timing of the loads in the long run.

Using queries to load what is required: if you think you need to just load a few of the images on your desktop or you also need to run any script on mobile-only. In this case, you can use conditional things that may help you to load them and this will also help to increase speed.

This way you can increase the timing of your page load that may help to load images and files too. You can decrease the number of pictures on your website: if you see an image that is very heavy and it is responsible for consuming more loading time, so you can just try to remove it, especially if their sizes of files are big.

This may help you to reduce the HTTP image requests and will also improve your UX by deleting the other useless images that are not linked with your written content.

Utilize CDNs and get rid of vacant scripts/files:

Many of your website users will not be close to your server on the web. By removing this problem by spreading your content across a number of geographical servers that is a very visible choice and it might be complicated as well.

Browser caching:

This allows the things on your construction website to easily get downloaded to your hard drive once into a cache, or for just a time being in the storage space. This can be kept safe locally on the system that helps you to allow subsequent page loads that help to increase the speed of the page.

It has been observed that around 40 to 60% of your customer comes in with a cache that is empty. So when the customers visit your construction website, you need to make it as for your first page so that it takes no time to load. (With more page loading times)

These static assets have a lifetime of a week, while the other ads are available that last for a day. The other media files like CSS, JS, and pictures should get expired within a week but it can be for a year, as any longer they violet RFC rules.

Reduce images and optimize files on your website:

Reduce Image size

It has been seen that the images now take up to 60% of the average bytes that are loaded for every page. This is around 1504KB.

When it is compared with other pages assets that include scripts (399KB), CSS (45KB), and video (294KB), these images take more amounts of HTTP requests that are sent.

You should remove all those images that are not important to keep on your website. This may also include libraries of icons that you use, those three fonts you may think you can use and the pictures that can be replicated with CSS that are colored backgrounds or gradients.

After clearing out all those assets, check for the images you are having across your website and also look for their sizes. You may find many people downloading images from the stock photo websites and uploading them to their server without even resizing those pictures for the web.

If you feel any image is of huge size, you need to run through optimization software that includes or Image Optimizer. You must keep the pictures below 150KB, and it should not exceed to above 1920px in width, which is at an average/medium/72dpi quality level.

If you see images more than this size will be problematic for you to load the page quickly and will slow the response time to your user. After doing all the changes in your images on your website, these images will take up still the majority of your HTTP requests, to optimize them and your other assets will keep the sizes small and it will help to increase the performance of your overall website.


Buyers will lose their interest in any website whether it is a construction website or any other if there will be a slow-loading website.

Keep in mind to see that your website loads as quickly as your users want that will help potential customers to interact with your construction business website that will also help to grow your business as well as your website in the search engines.

You must always try to keep it in mind to check the loading time of your website which should be your top priority that will help to gain customers.

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