Kustom Carpentry Case Studies

Company Information

Kustom Carpentry are a proudly owned West Australian based residential and commercial carpentry company. One stop shop for all your Carpentry & Home Improvement needs No job either big or small Call for an obligation free quote.

Kustom Carpentry – A one-stop shop for all your carpentry & home improvement needs We undertake both commercial & residential improvements, alteration

Client Goals:

Build a website from scratch, branding page setup, like google business page, social media pages ( Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter etc) Generate organic traffic through SEO on google.com.au for specific services keywords. Ultimately get sales and leads.

Kustom Carpentry Case Studies

So, How We Helped Our Client

In the next few minutes we will explain what we have done for them to establish their brand step by step with social proof.

Step 1

After finalize job contract we collected their company information, like business name, services stuff, location, about, existing website, capability statement so on.

Step 2

Audited business information, market researched and analyzed and found business opportunity and determined business goals.

Step 3

Then we researched and analyzed competitor business and website then built strategic work plan for six months.

Strategic Work Plan

Our Strategic Work Plan

This project’s strategic work plan divided by 6 parts.

Website Creation

Basic Setup: First of all, we perfectly setup domain, hosting, email and SSL as well as install WordPress for this website.

Website Design: Before started website design determined number of essentials pages (Home, About, Contact, Services, Projects, Gallery) and built perfect user friendly website layout for every specific pages, header, footer, sidebar etc.

Website Creation
Kustom Carpentry Case Studies

Website Copywriting

After completed website design, then we focused on adding valuable content for every page. Basically, It called website copy writing.

Adding Content for Basic Pages: We added content based on content research which helped to maximize conversion and built authority as well as helped get ranking on google which helped to get organic search engine visibility.

We have several high quality content writers who understand construction business very well and already have experienced on this industry for couple of years.

Adding content for Project and Gallery pages: After collecting project and gallery page’s details, we added them perfectly, so that audience easily brows them and understand their service quality in no time.

Branding Page Setup

It’s time to setup branding page for this website, like, logo design, google business page setup, social media page’s setup etc. In this section we divided our task 2 parts, creation and optimized.

Google Business Page Creation

After collecting company information NAP (Name, Address, Phone) we built google business page for getting visibility of your business on Google Maps.

Social Media Page Creation

In this section, our next operation is to created social media pages according to company details, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram so on.

Google Business Page Optimize

After verified google business page, we focused on perfectly setup and optimized which helped to get ranking on google maps. In this page, we added company logo, company information, service name, served area, operating time, previous project galleries etc.

Social Media Page Optimization

After social media pages creation, we focused on perfectly setup and optimization. Like, created Social media Logo, banner and added company information like google business page.

Search Engine Optimization

It is one of the most important parts in this whole project, to apply this strategy takes an optimal time. In SEO strategies we applied them several parts step by step, these are, Technical SEO Setup, On-page SEO, and Off page SEO, Citation Building etc. Now we explain how we applied them in this website.

Technical SEO Setup:

Added website in google search console, for getting organic search engine visibility, and Added website google Analytics, for tracking website visitors data. Added this website on heatmap Tool, Ie, hotjar.com, to Tracking audience behavior and check live website performance.

On-page SEO Optimization:

On-page SEO is one of the most important part in SEO, so before applying Off-Page SEO or Linkbuilding, We applied on-page SEO properly, like, meta data optimization, image alt tag, optimization, content optimization, website speed optimization, schema markup etc

Note: Content Optimization is a continual working process. We need to update content regularly, according to google search console impression, So in this project we regularly updated and optimized content.

Off-Page SEO:

Off page SEO or Linkbuilding is another process get ranking on google, so after complete on-page SEO, we applied linkbuilding strategies for this website, like guest post blogging, broken linkbuilding, profile backlinking etc.

Note: Linkbuilding strategy is continual process, So we was creating linkbuilding as long as we get ranking. In this website we were doing 4-5 months.

Citation Building:

It is one of the best strategy to get ranking on Google Maps, so built local citation for this website using company info like Name, Address, Phone (NAP).

Tracking and Monitoring

After complete all of strategies we need to monitoring all of activities report, What’s going on and where is position our website and keywords. So in monitoring section we need applied some strategies, Like Keyword Tracking, Search console monitoring, Google Analytics monitoring, heat map monitoring etc.

Targeted Keyword Tracking:

After apply SEO strategy we need to monitor targeted keywords, where is the position of them. So in this website we were tracking some targeted prominent keywords. We also get awesome result lots of keyword getting top positing on google within 4-5 months after launching website. Here is some screenshot of them, or you may check it on google yourself.

Kustom Carpentry Case Studies
Kustom Carpentry Case Studies

Google Search Console Tracking and Monitoring:

We were regularly monitoring google search console, check report and analysis them in google search console, we can easily monitor what’s going on google, we find lots of resources like, earning backlink resource, most impression keywords, top pages etc.

Let’s check this website Impression report:

Kustom Carpentry Case Studies
3 Months After Starting
Kustom Carpentry Case Studies
6 Mosths After Starting

Google Analytics Monitoring

Similarly, Google search console, we were monitoring Google Analytics report for this website, in Google Analytics we can easily find out information of our audience, which page mostly clicked, audience demographics, count daily, weekly, monthly traffic volume etc

Check this website Google Analytics Report:

Kustom Carpentry Case Studies
Last 30 Days Active User

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is one of the important parts for take care of your online properties. So after monitoring we regularly maintenance website database and seo stuffs to improve website visibility on online. To keep up website visibility and secure business reputation on google without any obstacles. So in this section, we divided some activities list for website maintenances properly like, website security, Website content, Branding page maintain etc.

Website Security

To secure website data and protect from hacking we need to maintenances website backend and frontend regularly. So for this website we regularly Updated website database, CMS, and plugins as well as backup weekly.

Content Management

A website is online portrait of any business. So we need to regularly update company information, in website, like, events, news, press release, added project data, and galleries etc. So for this website we regularly update website content, and added new content also, like new project data, photos on gallery, etc

Social Media Page Manage

Like website content management, we need to updated company social media pages. So for this website we regularly updated their social media pages, like sharing, companies service pages, blog content, announce news or any events, new project data update, project photos, or even hire people.

What Client Say About us?

It’s time to end, before end let’s talk with my client, what was his experience to work with us.

The journey was nice huh! Want to promote for your own business right way, feel free to talk with us. We are ready to help you for your company branding and promotion.

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